2211, 2021

Teething and Sleep

November 22, 2021|Categories: Baby sleep tips|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Teething gets blamed for just about every ailment imaginable when it comes to babies. Baby’s got a fever? Probably because she’s teething. Baby’s crying more than normal? I bet it’s sore gums from those teeth coming in. Baby’s got runny poop for a couple of days? I’ve heard that diarrhoea [...]

3007, 2021

Will solid food help my baby sleep?

July 30, 2021|Categories: Baby sleep health|Tags: , |

Tired parents get so excited at the idea of starting solids. The promise of a whole nights' sleep! I can understand why. As adults, we know that sleeping on an empty stomach is challenging, to say the least. We also know that staying awake when you’ve just eaten a big, [...]

1506, 2021

Removing yourself from baby’s sleep routine

June 15, 2021|Categories: Baby sleep health, Baby sleep tips|

So, perhaps that’s a bit of a misleading title. I’m not suggesting that you can remove yourself from baby’s bedtime routine altogether. Even if you could somehow say to your child, “Alright. It’s almost bedtime. Go have a bath, brush your teeth, get into your PJs, read yourself a story [...]

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